What is JSQL?

Find out what JSQL is and why it is a breakthrough in application programming

What does business look like now?

Nowadays, the standard creation of a web or mobile application is based on two pillars: the first one is the backend called API, the second is a web / mobile application written in JavaScript or another language that consumes data by API creating the visual content. 

Due to a large interest of JavaScript and specific trend for microservices, minimalistic and easier to maintain APIs, a lot of frontend frameworks have been created to keep the weight of business logic moved to frontend mainly due to practical reasons – easier maintenance and faster deployment

Is it secure?

It is completely safe by applying security in all elements of JSQL.

We focus on security, JSQL has been equipped with a triple authorization that allows you to completely protect applications created using JSQL.

Do you support X,Y,Z technology?

The second most important thing is support for all popular technologies and the ease of use of JSQL that makes programmers love this solution.

One step further with JSQL

JSQL is a platform that allows you to drastically reduce the backend layer

What are the benefits?

By using JSQL to create applications in your company, you gain savings in the form of:

  • API design & implementation cost reduction
  • Application development time reduction
  • No more API testing
  • No more API bugs
  • Cheaper server maintenance
  • Server cost reduction

What are the other pros?

There are also other pros of this solution:

  • No more problems with communication between backend and frontend teams
  • Higher quality of created apps
  • Less code
  • Less developers needed for backend

Are there any cons?

Like every solution, JSQL also has some cons:

  • The requests may take about 10% more time
  • In the SaaS version you need to transfer data through our servers (however it’s still secure)
  • You still need some backend engineering for email sending, queuing, streaming and other hard stuff
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