What is JSQL?

Find out what JSQL is and why it is a breakthrough in application programming

A little history

In the recent past, development of web applications was based (and sometimes it is still used) on the monolithic architecture, in which the only application element was the backend / server application itself.

The presentation layer was built into the backend application and ultimately user received simple views generated on the server side.

Larger visual requirements, higher server load, harder maintenance of such applications and JavaScript trend have caused the world to abandon this solution in the new projects.

Current state

Nowadays, the standard creation of a web or mobile application is based on two pillars: the first one is backend / servlet application commonly referred as API, the second is web / mobile application written in JavaScript or another language that consumes data by API creating visual content. 

Due to the large interest of JavaScript and specific trend for microservices, minimalistic and easier to maintain API, a lot of frontend frameworks have been created to keep the weight of business logic moved to frontend mainly due to practical reasons – easier maintenance and faster deployment

What if I could use on the frontend?

What is the future

For several years we are experiencing an explosion of technologies related to artificial intelligence, internet of things, server and frontend technologies.

We are observing the trend that front-end technologies are stabilizing and occupy newer niches such as programming mobile applications in JavaScript or even embedded systems.

Server-side version of JavaScript was also introduced for more fluent and easier programming of server and applications by the same development teams.

One step further with JSQL

Our ambitions as a team of enthusiasts and devoted programmers of both backend and frontend technologies allowed us to create a solution that is the next step in the technological revolution of developing web and mobile applications.

JSQL is a platform that allows you to skip backend layer so called API. It is completely safe by applying authorization in all components.

First of all, we focus on security because JSQL has been equipped with a triple authorization that allows you to completely protect applications created using JSQL.

The second most important thing is support for all popular technologies and the ease of use of JSQL that makes programmers love this solution.

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