CLI for building with JSQL

We offer JSQL CLI for building and watching files changes for your convenience

JSQL CLI support

To comfortably work with JSQL, we need to integrate the process of building project with securing SQL queries using task runner used in your project.

What if you don’t use task runners?

JSQL offers a special CLI that will secure your SQL with one command. 

JSQL CLI also offers a watcher that will follow the files in your project and secure your SQL queries on an ongoing basis

NPM registry

The JSQL CLI is an Node module which is available in the NPM registry and this is the only official distribution of our JSQL CLI.

Get acquainted with the CLI page in the NPM registry at

Or simply download using NPM

npm install -g npm-jsql

How to use JSQL CLI

Read the documentation or getting started to start with JSQL

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