Find out how to integrate JSQL with your technological stack

Architecture overview

JSQL has a simple architecture, the elements are simplified by the diagram below.

JSQL operates within the whole application development flow, starting from integration with the frontend build process, database connection, ending with retrieving data on the frontend.

An important element is the JSQL cloud that processes and protects SQL queries starting from building front-end projects to retrieving data. It also provides elements of statistics and configuration of connected applications.

Integration in simple steps

To integrate JSQL, you need the following:

1. You must have an active account in the JSQL cloud

2. You need to add your appliaction in JSQL Customer Panel and configure it

3. You need to integrate your backend application with JSQL using one of the plugins available for many technologies

4. You should integrate and configure the JSQL with your building process using one of following tools: Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, JSQL CLI

5. You should include one of JSQL librarary for frontend frameworks in your project

Security overview

How JSQL Provider takes care of data

JSQLProvider is an element of the JSQL platform that supports the database, integrates with the client’s backend application and processes SQL queries in encrypted form.

Thanks to an advanced SQL query system, it is able to process thousands of requests at once, and if necessary in the Enterprise version, you can replicate JSQL Provider and scale.

How JSQL protects your application

Thanks to the use of triple authorization, JSQL is a secure platform for data exchange between the backend and frontend layers.

At each stage of JSQL integration, we use SSL so that the data is secure.

JSQL processes and protects SQL queries so that they are not available to third parties and it is not possible to change database queries without having permission on the JSQL platform.

How JSQL Cloud protects SQL queries

JSQL Cloud is the main element of JSQL platform.

In our cloud we process SQL queries, analyze, store and secure thanks to coding algorithms.

Each application can be customized for security by the client, by default we provide a high level of security while ensuring high efficiency of SQL query processing.

How JSQL CLI hash SQL queries

JSQL CLI, or JSQL command line interface, is a tool within JSQL that allows you to protect the SQL queries of your frontend application.

JSQL CLI can process application scripts, extract SQL queries and after processing using JSQL Cloud – replace them with encoded ones.

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