JavaScript integration

Find out how to integrate JSQL with vanilla JavaScript

Stack requirements

The JSQL JavaScript library will not work without an account in the JSQL cloud, a backend application (API) integrated with JSQL and integration with the tasks of the runner. To learn more see overview.


Install via NPM

npm install jsql-javascript

To include library in your project include library in your HTML or include into your tasks runner configuration.

<script src="jsql-javascript.min.js"></script>


First of all, you need to initiate JSQL object:

var jsql = new JSQL({
 host: 'https://mysite.com/

Then you can execute operational functions as on example below:

Example select usage

var jsql = new JSQL({
  host: 'https://mysite.com/'

jsql.select('@sql select * from person')
// Query result
// Database errors

For details on using other methods like delete, update, insert and binding parameters, see the documentation.

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