Support for AngularJS

We support AngularJS for your convenience

AngularJS support

JSQL supports the AngularJS framework in version 1.6 or 1.7 (community), therefore, you can successfully perform database queries directly from the level of your favorite framework.

Our library offers full support for promisses, gives the provider for the JSQL configuration and a service for performing queries for full compatibility during integration with your project.

NPM registry

The JSQL AngularJS library is available in the NPM registry and this is the only official distribution of our product for AngularJS framework.

Get acquainted with the library page in the NPM registry at


Or simply download using NPM

npm install jsql-angular1

Angular 7 support

We also support all new version of Angular starting with 7.

Due to the technological limits associated with the inability to create your own angular-cli tasks, JSQL hashings work only in the ng build mode but you can still use JSQL with Angular 7 with the Disable hashing for development mode option with the ng serve mode.

How to use AngularJS
How to integrate with JSQL

Read the documentation or the getting started section to start using JSQL

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